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Welcome to my website! On the following pages, I have gathered some information about NCS and EMG, how these examinations are performed and what is the value of doing these examinations.

  • You have been diagnosed with a herniated disc and now you want to know, whether or not an operation is necessary?
  • Your hands are “falling asleep” and you want to know, whether a pinched nerve is causing these symptoms? … or if this is due to a process of the cervical spine?
  • A carpal tunnel syndrome (or another nerve entrapment syndrome) is suspected and you want further examinations to confirm the diagnosis?
  • You suffer from pain and you want to know, whether this might be caused by an irritated nerve?
  • You have been sent by your doctor to do an NCS or EMG examination? You have a referral for an examination for polyneuropathy? Now you want to know, which doctor specializes in these examinations?
  • You want to find out, what exactly can be measured by these examinations? You want to understand, how one can find out by these examinations, whether a nerve is damaged or not?
  • You want to know, whether a nerve damage (eg. by a disc herniation or another nerve entrapment) has happened, in order to make an informed decision, whether or not an operation is warranted?

You will find more information on the following pages. If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr med Oliver Wengert